Why Choose Us

We are the professionals to choose when it comes to real estate.

We have the expertise you need and the experience to operate at the most advanced levels.

Our partners all have formidable background within real estate and will start right from the beginning of their contracts to fulfil your needs.

When you engage Leach Property Consultants to work on your behalf, you get the strongest, most dedicated team possible.

Rest assured, you will get the best advice possible, for your investment and we specialize in all the areas you could possibly need.

These include, offices, condos, hotels, shopping malls, land, public and private REIT’s and more.

We can also offer a tax consultancy service, investor reporting, partnership cash flow projections and help with accounting software.

We work with hoteliers, private equity firms, property owners, managers and REITs.

We can tailor the services we provide, from the personal help available to an individual property owner, through to the CEO.

So whether you are an international level investor, with millions that you want to invest, or only own one property, we can give you the right information for your own set of circumstances.

With advice on health and safety, sustainability, property surveying and civil engineering, please see our detailed services section, for more information.



Financial audits.

Real Estate Audits.

Compilation and Reviews.

Operating and certiorari audits.

Rules 3-05 and 3-14 of financial statements for acquired properties.


Consultation for sale and acquisition.

All tax returns prepared – both state and federal government.


We audit real estate investments in accordance with the rules governing investment.


We maintain expense analysis and billings.

We can train personnel.

We can provide general invoice processing and ledger services.

We can provide staff for your organization on a temporary or ongoing basis.


We provide a complete due diligence, which comprises the review and testing of purchase price models.


We provide cash flow models using Argus.

We can perform a strategic analysis for investments.

We customize databases and spreadsheets.

We perform abstracting and consulting for leases.

And much more.


We can prepare all audit work paperwork.

We maintain and manage the external audit process.

We can complete confirmations.

We can reply to auditor inquiries.


We review operating agreement.

We maintain the waterfall or promote model, on the guidance in operating agreement.

We can calculate the allocation of predicted capital proceeds to business partners.

We can track partner contributions and distributions.

See our Detailed Services for more of the services we offer as part of our consultancy.

For more information and help, contact one of our regional representatives today!